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Twenty dumpsters are lined up and ready for the 2021 Great American Cleanup this weekend in Peoria! The dumpsters have been reserved by neighborhood associations, homeowners associations, and community groups throughout the City. 74 to Spring 1120 NE Glendale Avenue Altamont Park 919 W Nowland Avenue Center Bluff 2600 N Bigelow Street Chapel Park One HOA 10604 Strawn Court Creighton…
Earth Day is among us, making this spring season the perfect time to reflect on all things earth-friendly, including recycling. Recycling is we can take to improve our environment and our economy simultaneously. Recycling conserves natural resources, which is critical in our growing population and our culture. It’s essential as the U.S. generates more waste than any other country in…
The Tireless Project will launch its seasonal collection of unwanted tires on the day of the Great American Cleanup, Saturday, April 24. The collection site is located at JIMAX, 2000 W. Clark St. The event is only open to city of Peoria residents. The hours of collection are 9-11 a.m. but may end earlier if the trailer reaches its capacity…