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Recycling seems pretty straight forward, right? Just recycle your plastic, cardboard, and paper items. While recycling is easy to master with practice, there are common mistakes that lots of people make. Read on to learn more about three common recycling mistakes you might be making. Leaving food residue on recyclables – When we’re in a rush, it’s easy to dump…
Have you ever wondered what those numbers mean underneath the recycling symbols on your plastic containers? They’re a universal code to classify different types of plastic. This helps recyclers in the sorting process. Here’s the catch: only some of those numbers can be recycled! Read on to learn more about the meanings of the different numbers and which ones can…
Happy New Year! If you haven’t committed to a new year’s resolution yet, consider starting recycling (if you’re not already). Recycling is easy—it doesn’t take much to get into the recycling routine. Following the steps and tips below make a positive impact on our environment. Step 1: Reduce It’s tempting to want to stay up to date with tech and…