Cart Audit Followup

Cart Audit Follow Up – Some Residents Will Receive Postcard in Mail

Back in October 2018, you may remember the City of Peoria conducted a trash cart audit.  At the end of three attempts made at each household, we were able to locate City-owned trash carts at approximately 34,000 households.  Thank you to everyone that left their trash cart out for it to get tagged! Even with the three attempts made at each household, there are still approximately 6,000 carts unaccounted for which could have happened for a number of reasons – trash carts were not set out when the audit team passed, could be a vacant lot, resident chose not to participate, resident was on vacation, etc. The City of Peoria trash carts are an asset to the City and have […]

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Yard Waste, Trash, Recycling, and More

It has been a long winter but spring is almost here. Which means yard waste season will be starting soon. Check out the video below to see the change that happens to yard waste starting in 2019. Setting the Trash and Recycling Carts Out Trash and recycling carts need to be set out by 6:00 a.m. on your pickup day. And can be set out as early as 3:00 p.m. the day before. Please be sure it is not blocked by cars, mailboxes, and especially this time of year – snow piles. The trucks need to be able to easily get to the cart to avoid a missed pickup. A few other tips: Make sure cart lids can be closed. […]

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