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Recycling Cans – How Clean is Clean?

Last month in Yes, Peoria Picks Up! – Cans it focused on the many types of metal cans are recyclable. Cans are such great material to recycle because it is recyclable over and over again. Their uses are endless. With every aluminum beverage can recycled, the U.S. EPA estimates it saves enough energy to run a TV for two entire hours. Below there are tips to ensure cans can be part of this endless recyclable life. Rinse It and Let It Dry Most metal cans come from the kitchen which means it had food in it, for example, cat food cans. If they get thrown into the recycling cart without getting rinsed out first, that food and residue will get […]

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190 Gallons of Recycling, Unlimited Yard Waste, and Unlimited Trash

The city of Peoria is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive recycling, yard waste, and trash programs in the area to help residents properly recycle and dispose of materials. Every city of Peoria household can have one trash cart (brown cart with brown lid) and up to two recycling carts (brown cart with orange lid). Up to 190 Gallons of Recycling Every Other Week This year, many residents have taken advantage of getting their 95-gallon recycling cart at no cost. If you’re noticing you need more space in order for your cart lid to close, there are a few options. Make sure you’re breaking down or flattening cardboard boxes. They can take up a lot of space. Don’t […]

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