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8 Considerations and Courtesies for Taking Out the Trash

No matter how many times you’ve rolled out your cart or placed bulky waste for PDC pickup, there could still be a few things you might not know you should or should not be doing come trash day. Here are a few reminders:  1. Ensure trash is bagged and not sitting loosely inside your trash cart or scattered on the ground.Never put needles, hazardous waste, yard waste, tires or electronics inside your trash cart.  2. Roll out your cart by 6 a.m. on your scheduled pickup day or as early as 3 p.m. the day prior.  You should either place your cart at the end of your driveway or on the right-of-way, (green space between the roadway and the sidewalk).  3. Never leave your trash/recycling carts, bulky/yard waste on the sidewalk, as this can prohibit pedestrian access.  4. Never leave your trash/recycling carts, bulky/yard waste on […]

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Have Used Tires? Don’t Dump Them. Drop Them Off.

Where and how to rid your business and residence of used tires safely and legally in and around Peoria Car tires are essential to transportation, but when they wear down or fall flat – we move onto the next set without hesitation. After that, we rarely ask our auto mechanic where their journey goes from there. Some residents who change their tires at home will let their old tires sit around and stack up. Others dump them in ditches, alleys or notorious illegal dumpsites within the community. Whatever the motivation, open dumping continues to persist in our community. While it is illegal and poses numerous health, safety and environmental threats – it also comes with a hefty cost to our […]

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Litterbugs Beware: Peoria’s Litter Czar is Hitting the Streets

The City of Peoria is facing a culture of habitual littering, but a group of volunteers is looking to snuff out the taboo behavior. Starting up again in June, a summertime team led by Peoria resident and Litter Czar, Steve Tyler is relaunching their grassroots movement to pickup litter within the community. “Littering begins with the individual. For whatever reason – laziness, carelessness or inconvenience – people in our community continue to litter,” said Litter Czar, Steve Tyler. “Not only is littering unethical and degrading to our environment, but it’s also harmful to people and animals and can easily spread disease.”  Hefty Costs While the health, safety and environmental costs may be high – littering also comes with a staggering financial burden on U.S. communities. The Litter in America study conducted by Keep America Beautiful in 2009 found states, cities and counties together expend $1.3 billion on litter abatement […]

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