Paper command center

Recycling in the Command Center – Set Up

If you’ve read the Set Up posts for the Kitchen and Bathroom, you can probably guess how to set up a recycling station in this area of your home. Whether it’s a space when you walk in the door, at your kitchen table, or a home office – we all have an area in our home that’s a catch-all for things such as mail, school papers, and other things from our pockets, purses, and book bags. So how do we ensure we’re recycling from this area as we do in other rooms? We set up a recycling station! Setting Up Your Command Center Recycling Station You may already have a trash bin in this area. To help you remember to […]

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Recycling in the Home Office/Command Center

Recycling in the Command Center 101 

No matter what you call it – command center, home office, mail sort area, drop zone – we all have a spot in our home where things accumulate once we walk in the door. Whether it’s the mail, school papers, receipts, bills, random tools, old batteries, etc. – they all add up and can create unwanted clutter. But some of the items that end up in this area can go into your recycling cart. Keep reading to learn what goes in the recycling cart, the trash cart, or to a drop-off location. There are many recyclable items in our command centers but for many that are not recyclable, drop-off locations are the best disposal method. Let’s take a tour. Command Center Tour Let’s go on a quick […]

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Yes, Peoria Picks Up!

Don’t Miss Pick Up – Set Out Materials and Carts By 6 a.m. 

You may have come to expect the City’s trash hauler, Peoria Disposal Company (PDC) to pick up your recycling, yard waste, and trash at a particular time each week. Maybe it’s early in the morning, maybe it’s in the afternoon. They typically follow the same route which is why they normally come around the same time each week. Your “Normal” Pick Up Time May Change Peoria Disposal Company has hired some new drivers. While they’re training and getting up to speed, the timing of your pick up may change. If you’re used to an afternoon pick up, the truck could be coming by in the morning for a while. We want to ensure your materials get picked up so follow the steps below to avoid a missed pick up. How […]

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Collection pickup change due to holiday

PDC Service Changes Over July 4 Holiday Weekend

Recycling, yard waste, and trash pickup – pushed back one day The July 4 federal holiday will create a service delay for PDC customers this coming week. The holiday will be recognized on Monday, July 5. That means residents with a Monday pickup day won’t have their trash collected until Tuesday, July 6. The schedule change will delay service by one day for the remainder of the week: Tuesday customers will be serviced on Wednesday Wednesday customers will be serviced on Thursday Thursday customers will be serviced on Friday Friday customers will be serviced on Saturday Services will then return to normal on Monday, July 12. When and Where? Trash carts may be set out as early as 3 p.m. the day before pickup but must be in place no […]

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