Recycling in the Bathroom

Recycling in the Bathroom – Plastics

June 10, 2021

The bathroom is often an overlooked location in your home for recycling. However, the bathroom provides many opportunities to recycle, especially when it comes to plastics. Plastic containers, bottles, jars, and tubes are found in the bathroom. Plastic is a common way companies package products safely and maintains shelf-life. And when these items are empty, many can be recycled. Recycling in Peoria allows you to put most of your used and empty plastics into your recycling cart (the brown cart with an orange lid). And it’s simple and easy. Below are some tips to help you succeed at recycling your bathroom plastics. Once empty, rinse out your plastic containers to get any leftover liquid or residue out Let the plastic […]

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Recycling in the Bathroom

Recycling in the Bathroom – Set Up

June 8, 2021

The next time you need to replace a bathroom product or empty a bottle or box, think about the ways you can recycle within your bathroom. Recycling saves energy and space in landfills and recycling bathroom products really does make a difference in our community. Setting Up Your Bathroom Recycling Station Here are some helpful tips for setting up a bathroom recycling station. Get a second container to use as a recycling bin Place this bin under your sink cupboard or next to your toilet, whichever works best for you You can even print a recycling symbol to tape to the container so everyone knows which bin is for recycling and which is for trash When the recycling bin is […]

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Holiday Schedule Change

No Recycling, Yard Waste or Trash Pickup on Memorial Day

May 28, 2021

The City’s trash hauler, Peoria Disposal Company (PDC) will not pick up recycling, yard waste or trash on Monday, May 31. The service change is in observance of the federal Memorial Day holiday. The weekday holiday will delay collection by one day for the remainder of the week.  Reminder Carts, cans and all other materials may be set out as early as 3 p.m. the day before pickup but must be out by 6 a.m. on pickup day to avoid missing a collection. All trash should be bagged, including materials inside the trash cart. This deters animals and helps reduce litter throughout our community. After pickup, move the recycling cart from the curb or alley within 24-hours. It needs to be placed in […]

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Recycling in the Bathroom

Bathroom Recycling 101

May 27, 2021

While we often think of the kitchen as the main place of recycling, there is a lot of opportunity for bathroom recycling too. Bathroom Tour Let’s take a quick bathroom tour to find recyclables. In the closet and cupboards Boxes The packaging from items like bandages, soap bars, and toothpaste Plastic containers Such as sunscreen, deodorant, medications On the countertop Plastic bottles for your hand soap, sanitizer, contact solution, vitamins, mouth wash, etc. Moisturizer, hair spray (plastic), and makeup bottles In the shower Plastic containers of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash Metal containers of shave gel Under the sink Spray bottles of cleaner and bleach Plastic bottles of toilet cleaner Don’t forget – empty toilet paper roll tubes So now that we know about bathroom […]

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Recycling in the Kitchen

Recycling in the Kitchen – The Tough Questions

May 25, 2021

In the Getting Started with Recycling in the Kitchen post, we took a quick tour around the kitchen to learn about the common recyclable items. But what about the things that are harder to know if they can be put in your recycling cart or not? Can I recycle plastic bags? No. Plastic bags are recyclable but not in your cart. Collect plastic bags and return them to your local grocery or hardware store. Most have plastic bag recycling options in their entranceway. How clean do jars and containers need to be? For glass, metal, and plastic containers, rinse them out and remove as much food residue as you easily can—no need to put it in the dishwasher, though. Let them dry, and then add them to your recycling […]

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Recycling in the Kitchen - Cans

Recycling in the Kitchen – Cans

May 19, 2021

To wrap up our blog series about recycling in the kitchen, today we are talking about how to recycle metals – particularly aluminum and steel cans. If you missed our prior posts, check out Kitchen Recycling 101, how to set up a recycling station in your kitchen, and how to properly recycle kitchen plastics and boxes. One of the main sources of can recycling in your home will come from the kitchen. Tuna fish cans, pop cans, soup cans, canned vegetables . . . the list goes on. Cans are a great material to recycle because they can be recycled repeatedly without affecting the material’s strength or use. Did you know, an aluminum can is able to be recycled and stocked back on a supermarket shelf in just 60 days? That’s pretty incredible! Rinse, Dry, and Recycle […]

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2021 Great American Cleanup – Dumpster Locations

April 23, 2021

Twenty dumpsters are lined up and ready for the 2021 Great American Cleanup this weekend in Peoria! The dumpsters have been reserved by neighborhood associations, homeowners associations, and community groups throughout the City. 74 to Spring 1120 NE Glendale Avenue Altamont Park 919 W Nowland Avenue Center Bluff 2600 N Bigelow Street Chapel Park One HOA 10604 Strawn Court Creighton Woods 6318 Upland Terrace Dream Center Peoria 714 N Hamilton Boulevard East Bluff United 506 E Illinois Avenue Glen Oak Park 514 E Kansas Street Gooselake 1020 W Romeo B Garrett Street Lynnhurst Bridalwood Drive Moss-Bradley * Orange Street near Thien Tam Temple New Town 1100 W Butler Street Old Towne South 711 S Greenlawn Avenue Randolph-Roanoke * 218 W […]

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Earth Day Recycling Reminders 

April 22, 2021

Earth Day is among us, making this spring season the perfect time to reflect on all things earth-friendly, including recycling. Recycling is we can take to improve our environment and our economy simultaneously. Recycling conserves natural resources, which is critical in our growing population and our culture. It’s essential as the U.S. generates more waste than any other country in the world. Right now, United States (U.S.) recycling levels are around 21%, according to a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Yale University study. That means there’s nearly 80% room for growth, and we can change our behaviors today to help close the gap. Ready to get started with recycling in the city of Peoria? Follow the three “R’s” to get things going. First, request a cart, second, review the recycling calendars and then third […]

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2021 Tireless Project Brings No-Cost, Monthly Tire Collection to Peoria Residents

April 21, 2021

The Tireless Project will launch its seasonal collection of unwanted tires on the day of the Great American Cleanup, Saturday, April 24. The collection site is located at JIMAX, 2000 W. Clark St. The event is only open to city of Peoria residents. The hours of collection are 9-11 a.m. but may end earlier if the trailer reaches its capacity of 1,000 tires. Please note the following restrictions to the drop-off: The first 10 tires are collected at no cost to the customer. Every additional tire is $1 per tire. The Tireless Project is limited to city of Peoria residents. Customers must have proof of residency in the form of a driver’s license, state ID, property tax statement. Businesses are […]

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Recycling Kitchen Plastics

April 15, 2021

Plastic bottles, containers, and jugs are found throughout the kitchen, from bottled mixed nuts to pasta sauce and ground coffee. Plastic is a common way for companies to package products safely. But what happens after those containers get home and get emptied? With single-stream recycling in the city of Peoria, you can toss most of your used plastics into your recycling cart (brown cart with orange lid). Recycling plastic is simple and easy. Give the plastic bottles, containers, and jugs a quick rinse before placing them loosely inside your cart. Then poof! Your old container or bottle will get recycled and remade into something new. Helpful Tips Once the container is empty, rinse it out to get any leftover food, […]

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