Cart Audit Followup

Cart Audit Follow Up – Some Residents Will Receive Postcard in Mail

February 21, 2019

Back in October 2018, you may remember the City of Peoria conducted a trash cart audit.  At the end of three attempts made at each household, we were able to locate City-owned trash carts at approximately 34,000 households.  Thank you to everyone that left their trash cart out for it to get tagged!

Even with the three attempts made at each household, there are still approximately 6,000 carts unaccounted for which could have happened for a number of reasons – trash carts were not set out when the audit team passed, could be a vacant lot, resident chose not to participate, resident was on vacation, etc.

The City of Peoria trash carts are an asset to the City and have a value of $100 each so finalizing this trash cart audit is an important process to help the City record the location of trash carts.

Cart Audit FollowupIf the cart was not tagged in October, you will be receiving a postcard in the mail that looks like the picture to the right.  Please review the postcard and respond by one of the three methods listed:

  • Call Public Works at (309) 494-8800, #8.
  • Detach, complete the postcard, and send back to Public Works.
  • Complete the online form at

How to Identify the City of Peoria Cart

  • The City of Peoria trash cart is a brown cart with a brown lid.
  • It has the City of Peoria logo on the side.
  • Please note that this audit includes all sizes of trash carts.

City of Peoria Trash CartHow to Find the Serial Number

  • Please list all numbers shown on the front of the City of Peoria trash cart. For example, if this was the cart, you’d report 9AG 009009.

NOTE: This is only for carts that were not tagged in October 2018.  If the cart was tagged, you have gotten a new City of Peoria trash cart since November 2018, or you received a bag of information materials on the cart about the new program that went into effect last month, you do not need to report the serial number to the City.

Again, thank you to everyone that participated in October.  We greatly appreciate your help as we complete this important process to locate the City of Peoria trash carts.