Common Recycling Mistakes

January 24, 2022

Recycling seems pretty straight forward, right? Just recycle your plastic, cardboard, and paper items. While recycling is easy to master with practice, there are common mistakes that lots of people make. Read on to learn more about three common recycling mistakes you might be making.

  1. Leaving food residue on recyclables – When we’re in a rush, it’s easy to dump recyclables with food residue into our cart instead of taking the time to clean or rinse them off. Since Peoria recycling carts are single stream (meaning that all recyclables go into one bin), grease and food residue from plastic containers will dirty your clean recyclable cardboard or paper in the same bin. Greasy pizza boxes or take out boxes shouldn’t be recycled, and large chunks of food should be rinsed off of plastic containers before you place them in your cart. When in doubt, throw it out in your trash cart.
  2. Putting your recycling in a plastic bag for collection – Even if you collect recycling in a plastic bag at home, the bag cannot go into your recycling cart. Dump your recyclables directly into your cart, and you’re good to go. 
  3. Assuming that if it isn’t on the list, it isn’t recyclable – You can’t put batteries, electronics, or plastic bags into yourPeoria recycling cart, but there are other places that will accept and recycle items not picked up. For example, most grocery stores accept plastic bags, and many electronic retailers will accept and recycle your old electronics.

Now that you are aware of some common recycling mistakes to avoid, you’re on track to becoming an expert recycler.

Do you have what you need to recycle?

Call GFL Environment at 309-688-0760 or click “Sign Up for Recycling” to request your 95-gallon single stream recycling cart with wheels and a lid, with no deposit required. To take advantage of the every other week recycling collection, you must use the provided cart.

If you have too much recycling for your cart on a regular basis, you may request an additional 95-gallon cart at no cost.


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