Earth Day Recycling Reminders 

April 22, 2021

Earth Day is among us, making this spring season the perfect time to reflect on all things earth-friendly, including recycling. Recycling is we can take to improve our environment and our economy simultaneously.

Recycling conserves natural resources, which is critical in our growing population and our culture. It’s essential as the U.S. generates more waste than any other country in the world.

Right now, United States (U.S.) recycling levels are around 21%, according to a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Yale University study. That means there’s nearly 80% room for growth, and we can change our behaviors today to help close the gap.

Ready to get started with recycling in the city of Peoria?
Follow the three “R’s” to get things going. First, request a cart, second, review the recycling calendars and then third – recycle accepted materials.

1. Request a cart 
You can easily get started with recycling in Peoria. Just fill out our online form at Sign-Up for Recycling or call PDC at (309) 674-5176, option 1. Each Peoria property is eligible to receive up to two recycling carts (brown cart, orange lid).

2. Review the calendars 
Once your cart(s) arrive, you’ll be ready to go. Next, check out the 2021 recycling calendars to identify your scheduled pickup day.

2021 Recycling Schedules

If you ever need to double-check which recycling schedule you fall under, visit the city of Peoria Recycling Routes map. Accepted recycling materials and not acceptable materials

3. Recycle accepted materials
The city of Peoria offers single-stream recycling, which means no need to sort materials. All acceptable materials can be put directly into your recycling cart; make sure they are empty and rinsed out. The following is a list of accepted materials. When you need a reminder, you can always check the label on the top of your recycling cart (brown cart, orange lid).

4. Take recycling room by room
This year Peoria Picks Up is going recycling room by room. Join us on a tour of the kitchen to get started.

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