Getting Started with Recycling in your Kitchen

February 18, 2021

The kitchen is the heart of many homes. Let’s take a quick kitchen tour to find recyclables.

Kitchen Tour

  • Your pantry
    • Boxes of pasta, cake mixes, and dried fruit
    • Metal cans of beans, tomato sauce, and vegetables
    • Plastic containers of honey, vinegar, and syrup
  • Under the sink
    • Plastic spray bottles of all-purpose and other cleaners
    • Boxes of pet food and treats
    • Cardboard boxes holding trash bags and new sponges
  • In the fridge
    • Glass bottles and jars of wine, salsa, and jam
    • Plastic jugs of milk and juice
    • Plastic containers of butter, tomato ketchup, and yogurt
    • Plastic water and sports drink bottles
    • Metal cans of soda and beer
  • In the freezer
    • Plastic containers of ice cream
    • Boxes of chicken nuggets and pre-made meals

Our kitchens are full of recyclables. This holds true if you have a home for one or five.  Many of our food products come packaged in recyclable materials. Here are some quick tips on how to recycle these materials.

The metal, glass, and plastic bottles, containers, and jugs are recyclable. Give them a quick rinse and toss them in the recycling bin. There’s no need to remove any labels. The lids are recyclable too. Put them back on the bottle or jug before tossing them into the recycling bin.

Cardboard boxes that store food for you and your pets that are kept in your pantry or fridge are recyclable. Simply remove any food products or plastic packaging, flatten and place inside your recycling bin.

Frozen food boxes may be questionable. Some are, and others are not recyclable. If a box is coated with wax or a similar substance, it can affect its ability to be recycled. You can check the bottom of these containers for a recycling symbol (typically a triangle made up of three arrows). When in doubt, throw it out.

Disposable masks, gloves, and wipes are not recyclable. As you work to keep your family safe as our community works to vaccinate for COVID-19, your kitchen may the gathering place for disposal masks and gloves. These items are not recyclable and should be thrown in the trash.

Check-out our upcoming blog to learn more about setting up a recycling station in your kitchen. Happy recycling!

Get started, get a cart!

Call Peoria Disposal Company (PDC) at (309) 674-5176, option one or click Sign Up for Recycling to request your 95-gallon single-stream recycling cart with wheels and a lid, with no deposit required. To take advantage of the recycling collection, you must use the provided cart. If you have too much recycling for your cart regularly, you may request an additional 95-gallon cart at no cost.

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