Kitchen Recycling 101

November 4, 2020

The kitchen is the heart of many homes, and often produces a lot of foot traffic, tasks and chores. For most – there are dishes, trash and cooking, while for others – recycling is an added item on their to-do list. 

A June 2020 study from The Recycling Partnership confirms 85% of Americans strongly believe in recycling, yet those who have access to the service don’t recycle everything they could. And where do the most recycling opportunities surface? The kitchen. 
From boxes to cans to jugs and jars . . . there are a variety of acceptable materials in your kitchen that should be making it into your Peoria Disposal Company (PDC) recycling cart. And with single stream recycling, it makes it all too easy to include it in your cleanup routine. 

Accepted Materials 

The next time you think about it, take a tour of your kitchen cabinets and fridge and see if you can easily distinguish which materials are recyclable. Here’s a helpful guide. 

Sign Up for Your Recycling Cart 

If you haven’t signed up for your recycling cart yet, fill out the online form at Sign-Up for Recycling or call PDC at (309) 674-5176, option 1. 

For more information about what can be recycled using your new cart and other details, visit Recycling. 


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