Neighborhood Cans

Neighborhood Trash Cans

Neighborhood trash cans play an important role in keeping Peoria beautiful. We appreciate everyone’s commitment to pitching in and putting litter in its place.

Existing Neighborhood Trash Can Locations

For those of you that have been managing a neighborhood trash can in Peoria, thank you. We appreciate the many years you emptied the neighborhood can to keep litter off our streets.
As you may know, the city will be replacing the neighborhood can with a new can (shown to the left). PDC will empty the new can so once it is in place, you no longer need to check or empty the neighborhood trash can.

Keep Peoria Beautiful

To learn more about litter efforts throughout Peoria, visit Keep Peoria Beautiful.

Get Added to the Neighborhood Trash Can Waitlist

For now, the city’s focus is on replacing the existing cans so PDC can empty them. There will not be any new locations. But if funding does become available for more cans, fill out the form below and you will be on the waitlist.

If you have questions, please call Public Works at (309) 494-8800.