Peoria Public Works: The Heartbeat of the City

May 22, 2020

Recognizing the people who keep our community moving forward

From managing the rainwater that flows off of your roof to trash collection in your neighborhood – the power of the City’s Public Works Department is at play.  

This National Public Works Week runs May 17-23, and the City is highlighting the reach of our crews and the impact their work has on the health, safety and productivity of Peoria.

While the impact the Department has made on the City is visible in every pocket of our community, many of our resident customers are unaware of the scope of their behind the scenes work. Public Works has a hand in thousands of touch-points from managing bulky waste and yard waste – to operating the Peoria City / County Landfill. 
In 2019 alone, Public Works received and processed 9,888 service requests. That includes more than 1,300 requests for things such as cart repairs, illegal dumping and recycling.  
Here’s an example of how Public Works is impacting your life in our City when it comes to trash, yard waste and recycling: 

38,800 Trash Customers 

  • Produced 36,350 tons of trash in 2019. 
  • Produced 21,700 yards of yard waste in 2019. 

15,338 Recycling Customers 

  • Produced 2,600 tons of recycling in 2019. 

“Every community has a rhythm and a heartbeat that reflects its essence and tempo of life,” said Powers. “This week and every week, we hope our residents can think about the work our team performs as a symphony of essential services, coming together in concert to create a great place to live.” 
More Information 
This year’s National Public Works Week theme is, “The Rhythm of Public Works.” The awareness week is governed by the American Public Works Association which shares the value and necessities of public works projects. Just as the theme suggests, public works keeps a community’s rhythm moving by providing an orchestra of infrastructure services in transportation, wastewater and stormwater treatment, public buildings and spaces, parks, solid waste and right-of-way management. 
Public works provides the harmony needed for collaboration with all the stakeholders in capital projects, infrastructure solutions, in public safety and quality of life services. Learn more about our mission at

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