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Spring Cleaning – In Your Home

April 15, 2020

Spring is upon us and with our Spring Cleaning Series, we wanted to help out inside your home for this post. Inside Your Home will focus more on decluttering. We want to ensure you know what is recyclable, can be dropped off, or put into your trash cart.

What is Recyclable?

As always, if it’s paper, plastic containers, cartons, cans, or glass, these items can go into your recycling cart. Simply follow these tips for guidance:

Recycle these materials

Now let’s tackle your decluttering and spring cleaning room-by-room.


In your kitchen, you’re probably going to want to focus on the places that collect the clutter – storage spaces such as the pantry, fridge/freezer, and junk drawer if you have one. Here are some of the common items you’ll find and where they can go.

Recyclable – Goes in Your Cart

  • Empty food boxes, cans, cartons, and plastic containers
  • Papers, junk mail, catalogs
  • Rinsed and dry cleaning product containers

Not Recyclable – Does Not Go in Your Recycling Cart

Many of these items are destined for your trash cart but if they are still in good condition, you might consider donating them.

  • Broken, small appliances
  • Glass and plastic food storage containers, and their lids
  • Glass, plastic, or ceramic plates, bowls, and cups


Our bathrooms can typically become a holding ground for old, half-used products and recyclable items. If you don’t have a small recycling bin next to your trash bin in the bathroom, consider getting one to help ensure your bathroom recyclables get into the right cart.

Recyclable – Goes in Your Cart

  • Plastic bottles – rinsed and dry bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, mouth wash, etc.
  • Aluminum bottles – hairspray, shave gels and creams, etc.
  • Boxes, bottles, and containers from old medicine
    • See below for what to do with prescription and over-the-counter medicines.

Not Recyclable – Does Not Go in Your Recycling Cart

These items are not recyclable and should be put into your trash cart or donated if still in good condition.

  • Old towels and wash clothes
    • FYI – Many pet shelters will take old towels
  • Plastic shower curtains
  • Plastic bath toys
  • Hairdryers, curling irons, etc.


NOTE: Please put these items aside so you can take them to the drop-off centers when the “stay at home” order is lifted.

Prescription and over-the-counter medicines should NOT be put in your recycle or trash carts. Instead, visit Peoria County Recycling Services for a list of drop-off locations or ask your pharmacy if they accept old prescription medicines.

Home Office/Command Center

We previously shared information about home office/command center recycling in Recycling Paper – School Work and Mail, but there may be more than paper. You may have a dedicated home office, a corner specific to being a command center, or like many of us, a junk drawer.

Recyclable – Goes in Your Cart

  • Paper – junk mail, catalogs, magazines, flyers, etc.
  • File folders

Not Recyclable – Does Not Go in Your Recycling Cart

Fortunately, most of the items we find in this part of the house are not recyclable.

  • Laminated paper, photos, and receipts
  • Old software CD’s
  • Miscellaneous cords and cables
    • We always seem to have mysterious cords that never match up to anything. These should NOT go into your recycling cart. These are called “tanglers” and can cause major problems for equipment used to manage recyclables.


NOTE: Please put these items aside so you can take them to the drop-off centers when the “stay at home” order is lifted.

Electronics such as printers, monitors, computers, or keyboards have many drop-off locations in the area which are listed at Peoria County Recycling Services. Also included in this drop-off list would be ink and toner cartridges and old cell phones.

When in Doubt . . .

And if you think an item might not be recyclable, remember the old saying, “When in doubt, throw it out.” This helps keep recycling clean.

If you missed the first post in this series, read Spring Cleaning During COVID-19.

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