Tireless Project Hosts Final Tire Collection of 2020

October 28, 2020

The Tireless Project will hold the final tire collection of the year on Saturday, October 31 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. The collection site is located at JIMAX, 2000 West Clark Street in Peoria and is only open to city of Peoria residents.

Read and Review the Following Restrictions:

  • The first 10 tires are collected at no cost to Peoria residents
  • Residents will be charged $1 for each additional tire
  • The Tireless Project is limited to city of Peoria residents
  • Customers must have proof of residency in the form of a driver’s license, state ID or property tax statement
  • Businesses are prohibited from participating
  • No tires with rims will be accepted
  • Only passenger and truck tires 17″ or less will be accepted
  • No oversized, commercial, or agricultural tires will be accepted

Abandoned and unwanted tires cause a nuisance and pose a risk to the health and safety of residents. Improperly discarded tires can harbor disease carrying pests such as mosquitos and rodents and contribute to blight in neighborhoods. The Tireless Project offers Peoria residents a free and responsible way to dispose of unwanted tires.

For more information visit: appreciatepeoria.com/opportunties.